Eric Keller I'm studying to be a composer.


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My current project

Here is an album of 14 compositions, i.e. about 40 minutes of recording time.

The original melodies were short Turlough O'Carolan tunes, available on Internet. From that I created a set of compositions in a neo-classical form.

Ultimately this is will become a commercial CD, destined for 2 guitars, one flute and one piano. The final version may diverge from the current version.

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More than 50'000 clicks.

Thank you kindly for your excellent support. I keep trying to improve, one "bar" at a time. It's real work, but your response is a great source of encouragement.


Music composition

How can one learn to compose? By studying what others have done, by digging into the theory, and by experimenting. That's what I do: I study, I learn and I experiment.

I like to create music that is rhythmic, melodious and harmonious, music that feels natural and good inside and that connects with the inner self. Rhythm involves us, melody gives music its meaning, and harmony renders it more acceptable and makes it stick in memory.

Music is part of human nature. Just listen to the music in your head. I’ve had melodies swirling around my head for as long as I can remember, and I love working them into full melodies.

ComposingI experiment. I've built a virtual orchestra in my computer, with instruments from around the world. As I go along, I discover new tricks. I hear new effects. I discover more secrets in composition and sound processing.

Here you'll find some steps of my learning. The site keeps growing.Free Music With every piece of music, I wonder how to make the music even better with my various tools.

Also, a love story winds itself through these compositions. It starts with this article.

Have a look around. Perhaps you might like something here. All my music is free.