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The preparations to the formal dance had taken up most of the semester. The famous day had come. Nearly all of the boys of the school were there. Colleen had looked them over. It only took five minutes and she knew it right away: her man was not there.

Over the next couple of weeks, she found it hard to hide her disappointment. Was she ever going to meet the man who was right for her?

Cheer up, daughter

She didn't want to tell her family. Mom always wanted to know everything about her. Dad was less curious, but then, what do men know about a young woman's deepest wishes?

So she just pretended to be brave and to look to the future with optimism. But her face couldn't hide her annoyance. So eventually, that led to the family discussion below.


We first have a tune from the 19th century, recorded by P.W. Joyce in 1873 -- which may show that such problems are ageless. It is called "Cheer up, daughter".

Revised 2018-05-04

Original tune recorded by P.W. Joyce:

Then we have my arrangement of this tune (2017):

Harpsichord, 432 Hz tuning:

Video version:

Music score
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